Nazis Just Endorsed Planned Parenthood

Papa John has been stirring up some controversy in the news recently, by blaming the NFL for low pizza sales. As a result, he recently had to ask Neo Nazis not to buy his pizzas.

So today, the same Neo Nazi publication that endorsed Papa John’s, The Daily Stormer,
just endorsed Planned Parenthood.

From their website:

The Daily Stormer is officially endorsing Planned Parenthood as the official abortion provider of the Alt-Right, following a tweet by the organization which supports our values as a movement.

The baby-killing machine, from an official account for the Black Community, tweeted: “If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth #ScaryStats,” thereby actually encouraging black women to kill their future welfare parasite criminals before they hatch.

Generally, the organization has marketed abortion as a necessary last resort for people, but with the blacks, they are now promoting it as better than giving birth – and we in the Alt-Right concur. Six million times, concur.

Of course, just as with my endorsement of Papa John’s pizza, I do not actually support the use of Planned Parenthood’s product, which is abortion. I am strictly against abortion for white people. So, unless you end up getting drunk and getting some non-white bitch pregnant, I do not encourage you to use these services.

However, I feel it is necessary for me to endorse them as a company, in order to offer moral support in their struggle to exterminate niggers from the face of the earth by inhibiting their breeding.

I  wonder if there will be any mention of this in the mainstream media??



Norma McCorvey aka “Roe” in “Roe v. Wade” dies at 69


From LA Times:

Norma McCorvey, the once-anonymous plaintiff in the “Roe vs. Wade” case that led to the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing abortion, has died. She was 69.

McCorvey, who later joined the anti-abortion movement, died at an assisted living center in Katy, Texas, said journalist Joshua Prager, who is working on a book about McCorvey and was with her and her family when she died. He said she died of heart failure, according to the Associated Press.

McCorvey’s child was given up for adoption and her identity remains anonymous. McCorvey was vehemently pro-abortion and volunteering at an abortion clinic when Operation Rescue moved next door in 1995. She was persuaded by them to become pro-life.

In 1998, She testified before the US Senate that she regretted her part in making abortion illegal. “I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name,” she said, “I would like nothing more than to have this law overturned.”

Prior to her conversion, she was starting to realize just how the pro-abortion movement views women. In a 1995 television interview she remarked that they never gave her “the respect she thought she deserved”.

“A lot of Norma’s evolution from pro-abortion to anti-abortion had to do with her feelings of being treated like poor, working-class, white trash,” according to David Garrow, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Liberty and Sexuality, The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade.”

Isn’t that exactly how the pro-abortion movement views the women they market to? Incapable, helpless, and worthless? And they call this empowering…Just like Norma had realized, they don’t actually respect or care about the women they claim to stand for. They are just pawns in their political game.

Here’s to hoping that Norma will get her wish and we will see “Roe v. Wade” overturned soon.

Liberal George Takei Triggers Pro-Abortion Feminists

Today, respected liberal George Takai posted an article on his page about Lennart Nilsson, who was known for his work photographing the unborn.


The article has nothing to do with abortion. And Takai mentioned nothing about abortion in posting the article. But of course, this didn’t stop pro-aborts from being triggered by someone humanizing the unborn. They would love for nothing more than people to stop use words like “child”, “human”, “person” or “baby” in our everyday language.

It’s a great article which really showcases the humanity of the unborn in detail. The problem his followers had? It calls the unborn fetus a child, THE HORROR!


Top Comments

Sorry but Merriam-Webster disagrees:



They want to dehumanize the unborn because it makes them feel better for advocating for their senseless slaughter. They cannot actually justify abortion using science, sense, or logic, so they challenge semantics. Sorry pro-aborts but your feels don’t change the facts.






Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Announced

Trump has selected federal appeals courts judge Neil Gorsuch for his SCOTUS nomination.

He made the announcement from the East Wing of the White House Earlier, citing his campaign promise to honor the Late Justice Scalia. 

From Townhall:

“When Justice [Antonin] Scalia passed away suddenly last February, I made a promise to the American people if I were elected President, I would find the very best judge in the country for the Supreme Court. I promised to select someone who respects our laws and is representative of our Constitution and who loves our Constitution. And someone who will interpret it as written,” Trump announced with Scalia’s widow, Maureen, sitting in the audience. “I am a man of my word, I will do as I say. Something that the American people have been asking of Washington for a very very long time.”


“Today I am keeping another promise to the American people by nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court,” Trump said, revealing that Scalia’s image was in his mind during the decision-making process. “I took the task of this nomination very seriously. I selected an individual whose qualities define really, and I mean closely define, what we are looking for.”

He doesn’t seem to have much history with abortion cases but seems to be pro-life. In his 2009 book The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, Gorsuch wrote that he opposed euthanasia and assisted suicide and that “all human beings are intrinsically valuable and the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.”

From NPR:

Only weeks after his nomination in 2006, the Senate confirmed him by voice vote. The American Bar Association rated him as “unanimously well qualified” at the time.


Gorsuch has a sterling legal pedigree. He clerked for two Supreme Court justices, Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. He also served as a clerk on the second most important appeals court in the country, in Washington D.C., for conservative Judge David Sentelle.


Like Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he is in line to replace, Gorsuch has cultivated a reputation as a memorable and clear author of legal opinions. He also considers himself to be an originalist. Lawyers who practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, where Gorsuch currently works, said he is a popular and approachable judge.


SCOTUSblog, the leading Supreme Court blog, described some of Gorsuch’s parallels to Scalia as “eerie.”


“He is an ardent textualist (like Scalia); he believes criminal laws should be clear and interpreted in favor of defendants even if that hurts government prosecutions (like Scalia); he is skeptical of efforts to purge religious expression from public spaces (like Scalia); he is highly dubious of legislative history (like Scalia); and he is less than enamored of the dormant commerce clause (like Scalia),” the blog wrote.
Among other rulings that came to national attention, Gorsuch sided in favor of “religious freedom” claims made by the Little Sisters of the Poor and the owners of the craft company Hobby Lobby, who challenged language in the Affordable Care Act that required them to pay for contraceptive coverage for employees. The Supreme Court backed those Hobby Lobby challengers, in a divided vote, in 2014.

Liberals are not happy:




Dear Feminists, You Don’t Speak for Me

A few days ago, you donned your pink pussy hats and vagina costumes in “Marches for Women” all across the country. But, for what? It seems you aren’t really clear. What is clear, though, is that it included abortion. Planned Parenthood was the “exclusive premier sponsor”, with NARAL also being included as sponsors of the march, while groups who were found to be pro-life were removed.
I don’t really care if what you fight for is “more than just abortion”. As long as feminism is synonymous with baby killing you do not represent me. For every woman who went out and marched for leftist values the other day, there is at least one more who stayed out and does not agree with you. Many of us want nothing to do with an ideology sponsored by the largest abortion provider and propagandist in the country. Many of us see Planned Parenthood for the corrupt and evil organization that they are, and not a liberator of women.

Let’s call this what it really was – A pro-abortion leftist’s march.

Go ahead call me a traitor to my gender. Go ahead and dismiss my views by telling me I’m “privileged”, even though you know nothing about me. Go ahead and send your white knight beta cucks to tell me that I don’t understand what feminism really means (meanwhile they go off and discuss with themselves which one of you is the easiest conquest). Go ahead and tell me about all that feminism has done for me in the past. But don’t act like you’re marching for all women now.

I am still a woman and as long as you continue  to advocate for abortion, you do not represent me.

These pro-life women were told they couldn’t march. This is how they responded.

These pro-life women were told they couldn’t march. This is how they responded.

Even though I don’t consider myself to be a feminist I was both shocked and delighted when I found out that the Pro-Life Feminist Group, New Wave Feminists, was added to the list of Sponsors for the Women’s March on Washington.

Of course I knew it was going to be pretty controversial since most feminists consider abortion sacred.

It wasn’t long before The Atlantic picked up the story.

The backlash was quick…

And within a few hours, they were pulled as a sponsor..


Other pro-life groups were pulled as sponsors as well.

But these pro-life feminists were not to be deterred! They went anyways!

Students for Life marched right to the front! 

Surely it had to be awkward at times.

Apparently the experience wasn’t good for some

“One of our girls was spit at, someone tore my sign in multiple pieces, we had people just yell at us but the main response was people just said ‘my body my choice’ when they walked past us,” said Reagan Barklage, the Western regional director for the group.

But the pro-life message did get out. And some found support in unlikely places.

Even though I am not personally a feminist, I have much respect for what they did. It took a lot of bravery.