Women’s March Leader Aligns with Terrorists

Can’t make this kind of thing up- Rasmeah Odeh who has killed innocents in Israel after a bombing and committed immigration crimes in order to enter the United States will be appearing together at an anti Trump protest in the coming month.

Winning sweeping electorate victories unprecedented in decades for the Republicans in the 2016 elections on a campaign of protecting the American people from just these very sort of characters, the entire anti-Trump movement has played into his hands almost perfectly.

At a time when the largest mass shooting in our history was done in the name of Islamic terrorists at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, being seen as friendly to islamic extremists seems a horrible disrespect to the american people and many will doubtless  take it as such.


Donald Trump did more on immigration in one day than Obama did in his entire Presidency.

Trump campaigned massively on the promise of major immigration reform, turning left leaning pundits and media into a frenzied state, with accusations of fascism, nazi, and racist galore. Their overblown rhetoric only served to destroy their own legitimacy, and Trump has been delivering in his first days in office. On top of the immigration ban, which also turned liberals into a quivering puddle of tears, Trump made one phone call which shows the massive difference between his new brand of conservatism and the corrupt, incompetent, electing rigging democrats. From Reuters.com: 


“Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, in a telephone call on Sunday with U.S. President Donald Trump, agreed to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, a White House statement said.

Trump, during his presidential campaign last year, had called for Gulf states to pay for establishing safe zones to protect Syrian refugees.

A statement after the phone call said the two leaders agreed on the importance of strengthening joint efforts to fight the spread of Islamic State militants.

“The president requested, and the King agreed, to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as supporting other ideas to help the many refugees who are displaced by the ongoing conflicts,” the statement said.”


After so many months of the Syrian refugee crisis taking place under Obama’s Presidency, you have to be amazed at the ability of Trump to get things done and the weakness of the Obama administration to handle the issue effectively.


By making serious moves on so many of his campaign promises, Trump has held massive favorability among republicans and done fair among independents. Republicans will fall in line with his agenda if they want to ride his wave of support, and his agenda clearly appears to be a shift of the Republicans towards being the protectors of the working class.



Democrats decriminalize child prostitution and defend pedophiles

California Democrats passed a bill known as SB 1322 which bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution or loitering with the intent to do so.

Democrats made this move in spite of the fact that the largest study of it’s kind done by Eric Neumayer of the London School of Economics found that the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution in any form expands the human trafficking market, and would in effect create a greater black market which would do devastating harm to children.

This move was done after a couple years of the left leaning media publishing pedophile sympathy articles, such as the New York Times “Pedophilia: A disorder, not a crime”, and Alternet’s “I’m a Pedophile, but Not a Monster”.
It is hard not to see this as a grab for the vote of pedophiles. The tactic of the left has been to separate people into identities and have them vote according to them; women must be feminist and pro abortion, black people must support black lives matter, gay people must be democrats, and now the left is coming to “liberate” the pedophiles too. These damaging policies and divisive ideologies are what has lead to the defeat of democrats in the 2016 elections and the British exist from the European Union.