Nazis Just Endorsed Planned Parenthood

Papa John has been stirring up some controversy in the news recently, by blaming the NFL for low pizza sales. As a result, he recently had to ask Neo Nazis not to buy his pizzas.

So today, the same Neo Nazi publication that endorsed Papa John’s, The Daily Stormer,
just endorsed Planned Parenthood.

From their website:

The Daily Stormer is officially endorsing Planned Parenthood as the official abortion provider of the Alt-Right, following a tweet by the organization which supports our values as a movement.

The baby-killing machine, from an official account for the Black Community, tweeted: “If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth #ScaryStats,” thereby actually encouraging black women to kill their future welfare parasite criminals before they hatch.

Generally, the organization has marketed abortion as a necessary last resort for people, but with the blacks, they are now promoting it as better than giving birth – and we in the Alt-Right concur. Six million times, concur.

Of course, just as with my endorsement of Papa John’s pizza, I do not actually support the use of Planned Parenthood’s product, which is abortion. I am strictly against abortion for white people. So, unless you end up getting drunk and getting some non-white bitch pregnant, I do not encourage you to use these services.

However, I feel it is necessary for me to endorse them as a company, in order to offer moral support in their struggle to exterminate niggers from the face of the earth by inhibiting their breeding.

I  wonder if there will be any mention of this in the mainstream media??