Liberal George Takei Triggers Pro-Abortion Feminists

Today, respected liberal George Takai posted an article on his page about Lennart Nilsson, who was known for his work photographing the unborn.


The article has nothing to do with abortion. And Takai mentioned nothing about abortion in posting the article. But of course, this didn’t stop pro-aborts from being triggered by someone humanizing the unborn. They would love for nothing more than people to stop use words like “child”, “human”, “person” or “baby” in our everyday language.

It’s a great article which really showcases the humanity of the unborn in detail. The problem his followers had? It calls the unborn fetus a child, THE HORROR!


Top Comments

Sorry but Merriam-Webster disagrees:



They want to dehumanize the unborn because it makes them feel better for advocating for their senseless slaughter. They cannot actually justify abortion using science, sense, or logic, so they challenge semantics. Sorry pro-aborts but your feels don’t change the facts.







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