Betsy DeVos Will Save Our Children

At the very core of the culture war is the battle for the minds of our children.

It seems obvious liberals are having less children. They are more likely to use birth control and have an abortion. Republicans are more likely to be religious and have larger families. Eventually liberals will kill off their own ideology. James Taranto had wrote a column in The Wall Street Journal in 2005 called The Roe Effect which explains this .

So how does the left still seem to be winning over our youth? The answer is becoming increasingly obvious to conservatives: Public education. Teachers are far more likely to be liberal than conservative. The cultural conditioning in high school is more subtle than college. Public universities are becoming increasingly hostile to conservative viewpoints.

Liberals are winning the culture war because of public education. Which is why Betsy DeVos will save us. If you pay any attention to politics, you have probably noticed that liberals are very opposed to her nomination as Trump’s Secrety of Education. And at first glance, she seems terrible for the role. She has been vocally opposed to the public school system. How could she possibly run it?

betsy_devos-tifDeVos is known as a “a fierce proponent of school vouchers” that would allow students to attend private schools with public funding. What does this mean? It means that students and their parents would be given a “voucher” for government funding to attend a private school of their choice. The parents could choose anything from Christian school to Gaia’s Democratic school .

Giving parents this choice puts us in better control of who is influencing them.  It also makes schools have to compete with each other, which means the quality of education will go up. It also is can be advantageous to poor children in urban areas, where they may be limited to a very poor public school system.

Once we as parents gain back control of our children’s education, we will have a lot more say as to what they are being taught while they are young and impressionable. And the liberals will no longer be able to avoid the Roe Effect. They are aware of this, which is why they oppose things like school vouchers and home-schooling at every turn. And that is why Betsy DeVos is Pubic Enemy #1 right now.


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