Was the Quebec Mosque Shooter a Muslim?

At least six people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Quebec Mosque late Sunday evening.


They are now saying the sole shooter was white university student Alexandre Bissonnette and the Moroccan man was only a witness. But why was he a suspect initially?  This seems strange being as witnesses were saying 2 possibly even 3 men entered wearing masks and hoods.

As of this morning, The identity of the shooters was released. They originally were identified students, one of them being of “Moroccan  Origin”. Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country.

Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir were named by TVA as the two suspects shortly after the attack at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center at around 8pm on Sunday night.

Media outlets had been hesitant to come forward with the names of the attackers, even though they have already been taken into custody. Have you ever noticed that they are always really slow to do this when it’s an Islamic terrorist? They have even been known to cover up a shooter’s connections to Islam. 

This hasn’t stopped the liberals on social media from imagining it was a White person who was influenced by  “Trump’s rhetoric”. Here’s one such example and I have seen numerous comments on articles, blaming Trump and his supporters for this shootings before all the facts are known.

Never-mind that it doesn’t really make any sense. After all, Canada doesn’t have Trump. They are a liberal paradise. They have strict gun laws. They have the very liberal Justin Trudeau, who has opened their doors wide open to the refugees.

Well it looks like that just might be the case…

As reported by RT:

A witness told Radio Canada that one of the attackers shouted “Allahu akbar” as he opened fire.

“One started shooting. As soon as he opened fire he shouted, “Allahu akbar!” (“God is great!”) The bullets reached people who were praying. People who prayed lost their lives. As for myself, the bullet passed over my head,” the witness who refused to be identified said, adding the attackers “seemed to have a very good Québec accent.”

Meanwhile liberals are like:



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