Dear Feminists, You Don’t Speak for Me

A few days ago, you donned your pink pussy hats and vagina costumes in “Marches for Women” all across the country. But, for what? It seems you aren’t really clear. What is clear, though, is that it included abortion. Planned Parenthood was the “exclusive premier sponsor”, with NARAL also being included as sponsors of the march, while groups who were found to be pro-life were removed.
I don’t really care if what you fight for is “more than just abortion”. As long as feminism is synonymous with baby killing you do not represent me. For every woman who went out and marched for leftist values the other day, there is at least one more who stayed out and does not agree with you. Many of us want nothing to do with an ideology sponsored by the largest abortion provider and propagandist in the country. Many of us see Planned Parenthood for the corrupt and evil organization that they are, and not a liberator of women.

Let’s call this what it really was – A pro-abortion leftist’s march.

Go ahead call me a traitor to my gender. Go ahead and dismiss my views by telling me I’m “privileged”, even though you know nothing about me. Go ahead and send your white knight beta cucks to tell me that I don’t understand what feminism really means (meanwhile they go off and discuss with themselves which one of you is the easiest conquest). Go ahead and tell me about all that feminism has done for me in the past. But don’t act like you’re marching for all women now.

I am still a woman and as long as you continue  to advocate for abortion, you do not represent me.


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