Literally the same conversation I’ve had with every “pro-choice” feminist today

Femtard: “The woman’s march was like, totally NOT just about abortion. It was about lots of things!

Me: “Ok so why were NARAL and Planned Parenthood sponsors but Pro-Life groups were not allowed to be?

Femtard: “Women need Planned Parenthood. It’s not just about abortions you know, it’s only like 3% of what they do. You must be like, so privileged to not know that”

Me: “But they do abortions…..”

Femtard: “Yeah so like, what’s so wrong with abortion anyways?”

Me: **presents scientific evidence that abortion ends a human life and logical arguments as to why that is wrong**

Femtard: **completely ignores my argument and proceeds to call me names**


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