Trump to Continue Obama’s Executive Order Protecting LGBTQ Federal Employees

The Trump Administration has said that they will continue executive order protecting federal employees from anti-LGBTQ discrimination that was signed by President Barack Obama in 2014.

The White House released a statement saying,  “President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community.”

“The executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors, will remain intact,” the statement also read.

It also said “The President is proud to have been the first ever GOP nominee to mention the LGBTQ community in his nomination acceptance speech, pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression.”

The Log Cabin Republicans praised the decision Tuesday calling Trump “a real friend” to the LGBT community.

“Donald Trump campaigned promising to be a ‘real friend’ to the LGBT community, and now President Trump is delivering on that commitment,” said group president Gregory Angelo. “Log Cabin Republicans is proud to have directly lobbied for this important preservation of LGBT equality in the federal workforce.



Donald Trump did more on immigration in one day than Obama did in his entire Presidency.

Trump campaigned massively on the promise of major immigration reform, turning left leaning pundits and media into a frenzied state, with accusations of fascism, nazi, and racist galore. Their overblown rhetoric only served to destroy their own legitimacy, and Trump has been delivering in his first days in office. On top of the immigration ban, which also turned liberals into a quivering puddle of tears, Trump made one phone call which shows the massive difference between his new brand of conservatism and the corrupt, incompetent, electing rigging democrats. From 


“Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, in a telephone call on Sunday with U.S. President Donald Trump, agreed to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, a White House statement said.

Trump, during his presidential campaign last year, had called for Gulf states to pay for establishing safe zones to protect Syrian refugees.

A statement after the phone call said the two leaders agreed on the importance of strengthening joint efforts to fight the spread of Islamic State militants.

“The president requested, and the King agreed, to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as supporting other ideas to help the many refugees who are displaced by the ongoing conflicts,” the statement said.”


After so many months of the Syrian refugee crisis taking place under Obama’s Presidency, you have to be amazed at the ability of Trump to get things done and the weakness of the Obama administration to handle the issue effectively.


By making serious moves on so many of his campaign promises, Trump has held massive favorability among republicans and done fair among independents. Republicans will fall in line with his agenda if they want to ride his wave of support, and his agenda clearly appears to be a shift of the Republicans towards being the protectors of the working class.



Was the Quebec Mosque Shooter a Muslim?

At least six people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Quebec Mosque late Sunday evening.


They are now saying the sole shooter was white university student Alexandre Bissonnette and the Moroccan man was only a witness. But why was he a suspect initially?  This seems strange being as witnesses were saying 2 possibly even 3 men entered wearing masks and hoods.

As of this morning, The identity of the shooters was released. They originally were identified students, one of them being of “Moroccan  Origin”. Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country.

Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir were named by TVA as the two suspects shortly after the attack at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center at around 8pm on Sunday night.

Media outlets had been hesitant to come forward with the names of the attackers, even though they have already been taken into custody. Have you ever noticed that they are always really slow to do this when it’s an Islamic terrorist? They have even been known to cover up a shooter’s connections to Islam. 

This hasn’t stopped the liberals on social media from imagining it was a White person who was influenced by  “Trump’s rhetoric”. Here’s one such example and I have seen numerous comments on articles, blaming Trump and his supporters for this shootings before all the facts are known.

Never-mind that it doesn’t really make any sense. After all, Canada doesn’t have Trump. They are a liberal paradise. They have strict gun laws. They have the very liberal Justin Trudeau, who has opened their doors wide open to the refugees.

Well it looks like that just might be the case…

As reported by RT:

A witness told Radio Canada that one of the attackers shouted “Allahu akbar” as he opened fire.

“One started shooting. As soon as he opened fire he shouted, “Allahu akbar!” (“God is great!”) The bullets reached people who were praying. People who prayed lost their lives. As for myself, the bullet passed over my head,” the witness who refused to be identified said, adding the attackers “seemed to have a very good Québec accent.”

Meanwhile liberals are like:


Trump’s “Muslim Ban” is in Effect


People from Muslim countries were reportedly being detained at JFK and other U.S. Airports this evening. Nearly a dozen lawyers gathered inside Terminal 4 to offer pro-bono assistance to detained travelers and protests are breaking out at several major airports.

From yahoo:

Lawyers say dozens of travelers from countries named in President Trump’s recent executive order were held at John F. Kennedy International Airport and other airports Saturday amid confusion about whether they could legally enter the country.

A group of lawyers from New York Law School’s Safe Passage Project has been posting updates on facebook.

Updates from the post by Justin Meeks:

Update: Lawyers are filing petitions from the floor. Literally laptops while sitting on the floor.


Update 2: MASS amounts of protestors have gathered at Terminal 4. ALL of them have been peaceful. ZERO arrests.


Update 3: Habeas corpus hearing is underway at Cademan Plaza Courthouse in Brooklyn. Obama appointee, Judge Ann Donnelly is presiding. Protestors are now there AND still packing the airport. This is history.


Update 4: Port Authority is asking lawyers what they are doing here. Response from one lawyer: “Waiting on my client.” PA: “Are this many lawyers necessary?” Lawyer: “Yes.” PA: “How long will you be here?” Lawyer: “As long as we have to be.” PA: “All night?” Lawyer: “I will sleep here on the floor if I have to.” – This woman, who I will not name at this time, is my hero.


Update 5: A Christian, Syrian family has been deported from the Philadelphia airport.


Update 6: People with VALID VISAs were bullied into retuning to the countries they came from. They were told that if they persisted on interning the U.S., their VISAs would be suspended for 5 years. They did NOT receive legal counsel NOR were they told that they should seek legal counsel. This is disgusting.


Update 7: I have received requests to make this post public so that it can be shared and people who are not friends on my page can stay updated. I have done so.


Update 8: So many people have been detained that a template for habeas petitions has been created and is being shared among the attorneys here.


Update 9: Habeas hearing is underway in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York. ACLU attorneys are arguing for the detainees.


Update 10: Canada is now accepting asylum applications from U.S. Green Card holders.


Update 11: Approx. 70 people were allowed into the court room for habeas hearing. Hundreds outside.


Update 12: A woman in terminal 8 awaiting deportation has attempted suicide rather than return to her home country. She was prevented from doing so.


Update 13: Lawyers are now on the ground at LAX, Phil, D.C., Chicago, and some in Newark. More are needed in Newark. The operation is very small.


Update 14: Some detainees were asked their opinion of President Trump before being detained.


Update 15: A Yemeni woman who was held for six hours by CBP has been deported. Her nephew was waiting at JFK. She was allowed no communication.


Update 16: CNN has arrived at terminal 4 and is now reporting from the protest there.


Update 17: THE ACLU WON THE STAY!!!!!!! It will apply NATIONALLY!!!!!! The detained individual in the law suit will be released and the court will order the release of all detainees! Thank God. Awaiting the court order.


Update 18: Under the court order by Judge Donnelly – No one currently detained may be deported. Everyone who is here and in custody stays, for now.


Update 19: An attorney just attempted to speak with CBP official. Attorney was told “I can’t talk to you, I’m sorry it’s coming from up too.” Attorney: “Can you at least give us numbers?” CPD: “No, I can’t tell you anything.”


Update 20: Stay order ONLY covers those currently detained. Anyone else who attempts to come tomorrow will not be allowed to enter. Possibly 200-300 currently caught in limbo.


Update 21: There will be a protest in Battery Park in NYC tomorrow. Starting at 12:30 p.m.


Update 22: One of our lawyers has obtained a picture of the Eastern District’s order. I will post it in the comments below.


Update 23: Lawyers are being told that DOJ and the White House aren’t responding to CBP inquiries about the order.


Update 25: Airport action has grown to the following airports: So far, airport actions happening at: JFK, Dulles, LAX, Atlanta, BOS, SFO, O’Hare, Philly, Detroit, Denver, Newark, Seattle.


Update 26: TO BE CLEAR! This order is ONLY a stay of removal for those currently detained. It DOES NOT block the entirety of President Trump’s EO as is being reported in the media. That is not correct.


Update 27: A woman from Syria who has a legal green card and had boarded a plane for deportation, has been removed from the plane just before take off.


Update 28: Doughnuts have arrived, much good news tonight.


Update 29: Lawyers at JFK are about to present the order to CBP (Customs and Border Patrol). Still no word on number or names of detainees.


Update 30: Air Bnb is offering free housing to refugees who were blocked from entering U.S. Contact them for details.


Update 31: JFK CBP is refusing to read the order. Lawyers were given a 1-800 CBP hotline to call.


Update 32: Court order is a big win, but the fate of detainees still hangs in the air. This is not even close to over.


Update 33: Attorney for the government, in argument against the stay, told the ACLU that they could not release the names of detainees because “that’s harder than it sounds.” Justin calls bullshit.


Update 34: Attorneys at O’Hare are being told by CBP that all detainees will be released. Still no word for us here at JFK.


Update 35: An attorney has continued to reach out to JFK CBP to get an answer about detainees. No answers given. She asked to speak to a supervisor and was him up on.


Update 36: Iraqi refugee detained for 17 hours at JFK was an interpreter for U.S. troops during the Iraq War.


Update 37: Since phone calls have been ineffective, lawyers are marching paper copies of the court order to CBP in hopes of getting detainee information/release. This. Is. Not. Over.


Update 38: Upon failed attempts to get detainee information, some lawyers are leaving terminal 1 to join the protest at terminal 4. They want to stay close and others are staying here in case detainee access/information granted.


Update 39: Attempts to hand deliver the order to CBP have failed. They literally won’t even answer their office door for the lawyers now.


Update 40: Last flight into JFK tonight will be at 11:30 p.m. Will not he from a country mentioned in the EO. However, still no attorney access granted to anyone currently detained and CBP refuses to even use the term “detained.”


Update 41: Tonight looks like a win to protestors, activists, and media. Lawyers around me were happy when order was released, but it seems more likely a temporary and hollow win because the detainees aren’t getting counsel and the stay isn’t permanent.


Update 42: Detainees at DFW are being released!!! Still no word on JFK.


Update 43: One of the detainees was confined to a wheelchair. Detained regardless. Also, woman sitting next to me just spoke to her mother on the phone. Her mother is one of the detainees here at JFK. It seems SOME phone calls may be being allowed. Still no access to counsel.


Update 44: Another attorney made another attempt at CBP 1-800 number. She was informed that CBP is aware of the order, supervisors are aware of the order, and was told that if she continued to call it would be harder to process.

Update 45: Lawyers in terminal 7 believe NO JFK detainees will be released tonight. They are camping out regardless.


Update 46: Lawyers in terminal 4 also took a copy of the order to CBP. They were turned away. Lawyer asked if CBP had a copy of the order. CBP responded that they had everything they needed. Lawyer asked if that meant the order and was met with the same response.


Update 47: One of the lawyers is now on the phone with the LA Times. They called the daughter of one of the detainees to get to us. Keep. Sharing. What you’re doing is working!


Update 48: DHS is saying that NO detainees will be put on planes tonight. CBP is also saying that no one should be put on a plane due to court order, however they are still looking into the situation.


Update 49: All detainees are being transferred to terminal 4. Moving there now from terminal 1. Still no word on whether anyone will be released tonight.


Update 50: CBP has been served he order of petition. NYC Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs is here and assisted.


Update 51: Moving terminals and possibly doing actual work so updates may come more slowly. Media calls are happening. What you are doing is working. Stay with us. Even if updates come more slowly, I am here. I’m not leaving until the detainees get to.


Update 52: Hearing that CPB at SFO, LAX, and IAD are also not releasing detainees.


Update 53: Now at terminal 4. Still no release of detainees. But taking to some of the lawyers here. VERY few are coordinated or here on firm’s behalf. Most are just using their legal powers for good. Haven’t met before today. This gives me hope in my profession and my country.


More to come.

At 6 PM Taxi Drivers at JFK Airport went on Strike and the line was reported to be empty.

Protests are reported to be taking place at airports all across the country


For now, a federal judge tonight granted the American Civil Liberties Union’s request for a nationwide temporary injunction that will block the deportation of all people stranded in U.S. airports under President Trump’s new Muslim ban.

According to Justin Meeks, “Stay order ONLY covers those currently detained. Anyone else who attempts to come tomorrow will not be allowed to enter. Possibly 200-300 currently caught in limbo.”..”The order is ONLY a stay of removal for those currently detained. It DOES NOT block the entirety of President Trump’s EO as is being reported in the media. That is not correct.”

A copy of the stay can be found here.

Dear Feminists, You Don’t Speak for Me

A few days ago, you donned your pink pussy hats and vagina costumes in “Marches for Women” all across the country. But, for what? It seems you aren’t really clear. What is clear, though, is that it included abortion. Planned Parenthood was the “exclusive premier sponsor”, with NARAL also being included as sponsors of the march, while groups who were found to be pro-life were removed.
I don’t really care if what you fight for is “more than just abortion”. As long as feminism is synonymous with baby killing you do not represent me. For every woman who went out and marched for leftist values the other day, there is at least one more who stayed out and does not agree with you. Many of us want nothing to do with an ideology sponsored by the largest abortion provider and propagandist in the country. Many of us see Planned Parenthood for the corrupt and evil organization that they are, and not a liberator of women.

Let’s call this what it really was – A pro-abortion leftist’s march.

Go ahead call me a traitor to my gender. Go ahead and dismiss my views by telling me I’m “privileged”, even though you know nothing about me. Go ahead and send your white knight beta cucks to tell me that I don’t understand what feminism really means (meanwhile they go off and discuss with themselves which one of you is the easiest conquest). Go ahead and tell me about all that feminism has done for me in the past. But don’t act like you’re marching for all women now.

I am still a woman and as long as you continue  to advocate for abortion, you do not represent me.

Democrats decriminalize child prostitution and defend pedophiles

California Democrats passed a bill known as SB 1322 which bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution or loitering with the intent to do so.

Democrats made this move in spite of the fact that the largest study of it’s kind done by Eric Neumayer of the London School of Economics found that the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution in any form expands the human trafficking market, and would in effect create a greater black market which would do devastating harm to children.

This move was done after a couple years of the left leaning media publishing pedophile sympathy articles, such as the New York Times “Pedophilia: A disorder, not a crime”, and Alternet’s “I’m a Pedophile, but Not a Monster”.
It is hard not to see this as a grab for the vote of pedophiles. The tactic of the left has been to separate people into identities and have them vote according to them; women must be feminist and pro abortion, black people must support black lives matter, gay people must be democrats, and now the left is coming to “liberate” the pedophiles too. These damaging policies and divisive ideologies are what has lead to the defeat of democrats in the 2016 elections and the British exist from the European Union.

Literally the same conversation I’ve had with every “pro-choice” feminist today

Femtard: “The woman’s march was like, totally NOT just about abortion. It was about lots of things!

Me: “Ok so why were NARAL and Planned Parenthood sponsors but Pro-Life groups were not allowed to be?

Femtard: “Women need Planned Parenthood. It’s not just about abortions you know, it’s only like 3% of what they do. You must be like, so privileged to not know that”

Me: “But they do abortions…..”

Femtard: “Yeah so like, what’s so wrong with abortion anyways?”

Me: **presents scientific evidence that abortion ends a human life and logical arguments as to why that is wrong**

Femtard: **completely ignores my argument and proceeds to call me names**

These pro-life women were told they couldn’t march. This is how they responded.

These pro-life women were told they couldn’t march. This is how they responded.

Even though I don’t consider myself to be a feminist I was both shocked and delighted when I found out that the Pro-Life Feminist Group, New Wave Feminists, was added to the list of Sponsors for the Women’s March on Washington.

Of course I knew it was going to be pretty controversial since most feminists consider abortion sacred.

It wasn’t long before The Atlantic picked up the story.

The backlash was quick…

And within a few hours, they were pulled as a sponsor..


Other pro-life groups were pulled as sponsors as well.

But these pro-life feminists were not to be deterred! They went anyways!

Students for Life marched right to the front! 

Surely it had to be awkward at times.

Apparently the experience wasn’t good for some

“One of our girls was spit at, someone tore my sign in multiple pieces, we had people just yell at us but the main response was people just said ‘my body my choice’ when they walked past us,” said Reagan Barklage, the Western regional director for the group.

But the pro-life message did get out. And some found support in unlikely places.

Even though I am not personally a feminist, I have much respect for what they did. It took a lot of bravery.