Liberals Created Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a successful business guy, there’s no denying it. He is clever at marketing. Right now, the product he is trying to sell is himself. And he is doing so by feeding liberal intolerance. The more he makes liberals angry, the more his right wing fan base loves him. He’s a master troll, and liberals are feeding him. Liberals love to hate Donald Trump. The liberal media seems to love to talk about him as much as Hillary, and more than Bernie or any other republican candidate. He’s unavoidable if you watch the news or get on social media, at all.

The reason this feeds his fan base is because they feel like, especially for the past 8 years I’m sure, that they have been disenfranchised. This country, though still behind most of Europe I’d say, is becoming increasingly more liberal. I doubt your average liberal OR conservative would deny that.

A major theme in 2015 has been race and suppression of speech.. Both sides have become increasingly less tolerant of the other’s viewpoints but liberals have waged an all out war towards conservative viewpoints. Liberal students at colleges across America have begun demanding “safe spaces” to get away from Conservative thoughts and ideas. However, if you are a Conservative, good luck getting away from Liberal thoughts, especially if you are in college.(#MyLiberalCampus). Professors were fired or forced to resign for speaking out against liberal viewpoints. Yet if you turn on any liberal news outlet, you will hear those same thoughts coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth. He is the epitome of every liberal stereotype of conservatives.

Donald Trump’s latest comments, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on“, prompted international backlash and condemnation from the White House. A petition to get him banned from the U.K. has nearly 500,000 signatures and the White House called for his disqualification from the Presidential Race, prompting the #TrumpIsDisqualifiedParty hashtag on twitter. Yet, his popularity continues to grow with each offensive statement he makes, and this is no exception. It’s like people have already forgotten about him making fun of that handicapped guy.

The problem with Donald Trump’s plan is that even if it were legal or constitutional, he seems to be unaware of something called taqiyya. Muslims can lie about their religion to gain a position of power. It isn’t a sin to deny your religion, like in Christianity. But the right really feels like their opinions are not being heard on this issue. And democracy doesn’t work when a large proportion of the population’s concerns aren’t being heard. It’s legitimate to be concerned about a religion that wants to kill you, especially when the same administration that is bringing more of them into the country, also wants to take away your means of defending yourself. And on top of that, they aren’t allowed to voice their opinion on the matter without accusations of xenophobia. That’s how they see it anyways. Fortunately, we have a constitutional right to own a gun…and not be discriminated against for our religion.

Ask any Donald Trump supporter and they will probably tell you that they like him because he “speaks his mind”. I’m not so sure that he speaks his mind. I think it’s more of a strategy.. This strategy isn’t new. Even though he didn’t get much attention from the media, Ron Paul was a very popular candidate, especially amongst young people, because he voiced people’s distrust for the government on a national stage. Donald Trump has honed on this technique, by saying even more outrageous things and with less candor, which has given him the media attention Ron Paul never had. As the old adage says, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. And it seems that Donald Trump does so, at least partially, by bashing the media. And now, Trump is saying he wouldn’t rule out a third party run.

Trump is speaking for his target market. He’s speaking THEIR minds for them, and on a public platform. Liberals can’t/won’t go crawl in their safe spaces and ignore him. They HAVE to listen. This guy could become president, after all! As long as the liberal media continues to give Donald Trump free advertising every time he says something politically incorrect, I expect to continue to see him as a frontrunner in this race.

One good thing I can say about Donald Trump is that he does seem to listen to his supporters and understand their viewpoint. Let’s hope that if he is elected as president, he will listen as closely to all his constituent’s concerns.